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Everything you need
to see what's on the other side
of the Mountain.

There is a pine-covered peninsula in Maine that juts into the Atlantic Ocean. It is the first piece of America touched by the rising sun every morning. There are no motels, no parking lots, no restaurants. But there is a road there that a Motorhome can comfortably drive down.

And south of Arizona, in the Mexican state of Sonora, is a cliff high above the Gulf of California. The cliff that the Spanish conquistador, Cortez, stood on when he discovered the gulf that is still often called the Sea of Cortez. Again, no motels, no electricity, no guided tours. Just a dirt road and more than enough space for your Motorhome.

O maybe you've always wanted a cottage by the lake; or a ski chalet in the mountains; or a fishing lodge next to your favorite stream.

A GMC Motorhome can be all these things; because with its standard and available equipment, you go self-contained. When and where you please.
Isn't it time you took a look at what's beyond the motels and the parking lots? Isn't that really why you want a GMC?

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Isn't it time you found the other side of the mountain? We're ready if you are.